Our process provides laser-like focus to craft winning strategies and achieve sustainable results. We offer a unique value to our clients by serving as an extension of their team – directly partnering to implement strategic plans through our proven process.


At Stragility, we understand things aren’t always what they seem and we don’t provide our services in a vacuum. We use tried-and-true methodologies, but we know that it’s important to have the agility to turn on a dime when a different approach is warranted. While we maintain focus on what is most relevant, we keep an eye on things that have the potential to distract or derail your progress.


We understand the roadblocks in developing and implementing an organization’s strategic plan. We work to simplify this process by bridging the gap between planning and execution in order to gain traction and achieve results.

Simplified Strategic Planning

Equipped with benchmarking information, insight meetings and industry data, we conduct a strategic planning session with key leadership to develop an actionable plan that includes a simplified and focused process to achieve annual goals.

Strategy Execution

We engage leadership via action-oriented sessions and communications to link strategy to execution. We integrate tools and methods that streamline management of the plan and garner swift success through accountability.

Management Resources

We identify the tools and methods that are needed to increase a company’s team productivity and assist leaders in managing their teams more effectively.


We provide a deeper understanding of an industry, competition and target markets to inform strategic planning decisions. We know where to look, what to look for, and how to transform findings into actions.

Market Research & Analysis

We deliver an instructive narrative fueled by access to specialized databases, the skills to extract the most pertinent data, and the expertise to convert that data into information that can be acted upon.

Competitor Analysis

Through thorough analysis we identify potential market gaps, along with threats and opportunities, guiding clients to optimal competitive positioning.

Voice of Customer

We conduct tailored interviews with customers to obtain their unbiased feedback. Our findings ensure that a company is on the right path to deliver the highest-level of customer satisfaction.


Understanding a business’s strategy helps us transform objectives into talent needs. We conduct working sessions, interviews, focus groups, and surveys to develop a targeted plan that finds and prepares the next generation of leaders.

Succession Planning

We use talent demand and supply analytics to create succession plans that ensure you have the talent you need today and in the future to win in the marketplace.

Talent Assessment

We use insights gleaned from competency-based assessments to leverage individuals’ strengths and address their opportunity areas in support of achieving business objectives.

Executive Coaching

We partner with leaders in a thought-provoking and creative manner to inspire them to create focused development plans to maximize their business and leadership potential.


In addition to the core Stragility team, we partner with talented companies to expand the services we provide to our clients, such as marketing, branding, sales training, human resources, and software development. We want to make it easy and seamless to engage with us and provide you with an exceptional client experience.

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