Stragility, LLC is a NYS Certified Women Business Enterprise (WBE) that provides strategic business planning and execution services. We work with forward-thinking leaders to achieve traction in their business by focusing on strategy execution, market research, and talent solutions. In short, we help you and your team elevate your game.


Every day, we make an impact by transforming the way companies manage and grow their businesses, engage their teams and customers, and competitively position themselves in their industry.

We do this by working with clients to develop goals and achieve them. We empower them with simplified and focused tools and processes to make their vision attainable, and we navigate the unique terrain of their industry, confidently leading them to success.

As trusted advisors, we diligently help clients do what they do best, only better.


Always be Learning

We surround ourselves with people that bring out the best in one another and uniquely excel because of that dynamic.

Always be Polished

We constructively share information and insight frequently and manage challenging situations with polished professionalism.

Always be Focused

We set the example and act in a way that exemplifies our expectations of every relationship, at every level.

Always be Dynamic

We take the time to understand each team, organization, and industry to better adapt to the individual needs of our clients.

Always be Accountable

Our goal is to make others better as a result of our presence and make it last in our absence.


To reshape the course of strategic business planning through guidance, forward-thinking, and accountability.


We empower leaders to take their team and organization to the next level of achievement through thoughtful and strategic action.


Stragility is the essence of differentiation. It means that our efforts are rooted in strategy and execution, while also honing our unique ability to be agile when opportunities or challenges arise. With us, you’ll simplify the direction, break through the barriers, and align yourself towards achieving your business goals.

Continually Elevating The Game

Whether it is a client we are serving or in our own personal lives, we are consistently working to improve, to elevate our game, and to help clients take it to the next level.

Collective Brain Power

We recognize the power of multiple perspectives and the integration of diverse skill sets – together we are better.

A Focused Direction

We understand there are numerous distractions, and that’s why we focus on what will move the dial and make the difference in advancing our clients’ mission.

We Embrace Humor

Our lack of somberness need not be confused with a lack of seriousness. We get things done while simultaneously embracing laughter and taking joy in the process.

We're Poised and Polished

We bring the calm, cool, and collected to every situation, because living in the solution, not the problem, is the way we progress.

Stragility Difference

Meet Our Team

Our culture is centered around bringing together influential and strategic leaders who are committed to providing exceptional experiences and successful outcomes for our clients. While our team has over 60 years of combined professional experience with highly sought-after niche areas of expertise, it is our thoughtfulness, dynamic presence, and an authentic drive that sets us apart.

Elevate Your Game

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